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Egypt elections live updates: other governorates
Published in Youm7 on 28 - 11 - 2011

Military forces securing a polling station in Luxor arrested a monitor after he attempted to steal a ballot from inside the polling station.
Khaled Abdil Khader, a member of the January 25 Revolution Council of Trustees, and geologist professor in Asyut University urged voters to not vote for former members of the deposed regime.
The Revolution Youth Coalition urged the voters not to vote for the parties that include the former members of the National Democratic Party.
The judge at polling stations 298 and 299 prevented illiterate elderly voters from voting.
The two polling stations are in a village where the majority of the elderly are illiterate.
Polling stations are still witnessing great demand during the final hours before polls close in Western Alexandria.
PORT SAID: An individual candidate in Port Said assaulted Judge Atif Abdo, who supervises one of the polling stations, because he was not satisfied with the voting process. Abdo filed a lawsuit against the candidate.
ASYUT: A military police officer and a judge in an Asyut polling station dismissed Karam Mohamed, an al-Nour Salafi Party member, because he tore up Freedom and Justice Party banners.
ALEXANDRIA: Many electoral committees in Karmooz, Alexandria witnessed a notable increase of voters at the al-Zohoor School. Fewer voters were present at the Kafer Ashry School, as it is farther from the highly populated areas.
An independent candidate accused police officers of supporting Freedom and Justice Party candidates by allowing them talk with voters.
Voters heading to polling stations in Fayoum filled with enthusiasm at the thought of voting in the parliamentary elections were disappointed by a lack of organization by the Supreme Electoral Committee.
Some polling stations were closed for hours due to judges' delayed arrivals.
Some polling stations witnessed clashes between the Freedom and Justice Party's supporters and supporters of former National Democratic Party candidate Mohamed Hashim.
The Egyptian armed forces halted the voting process in polling stations number 566 and 576 in Manfalout Center in the second constituent after clashes broke out between candidates.
Wasat Party candidate Hamed Ali Baba today rejected the interference of Muslim Brotherhood delegates, who he claims were directing voters and instigating clashes. This forces the army to threaten detainment, he added.
Alexandria updates
Alexandria Media Coordinator for the Justice Party Morad Hashish said that the Party filed two reports inside the Aziz Abaza School in the Montaza constituent and in the Islamic Research Institute. Both reports were against the Freedom and Justice Party.
The FJP violated the Supreme Electoral Committee's decision and distributed electoral publications outside polling stations, Hashish claims.
ALEXANDRIA: Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) members are reportedly attempting to convince voters to cast ballots for the FJP.
One polling station witnessed clashes between voters, forcing the armed forces to close the doors to the station.
ALEXANDRIA: Polling stations in Ghorbal, Karmouz, Mountaza Sidi Gaber, Asafra and Sidi Besher are experiencing heavy Coptic turnout.
KAFR EL-SHEIKH: Mostafa Maagouz, head of polling stations in Kafr el-Sheikh, agreed to allow voters to vote with expired national IDs.
A number of political powers and parties in Fayoum issued a statement, claiming the current elections are illegal. They demanded Egyptian authorities to delay the elections. They added the public committees which secure the elections are related to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis and such committees are not neutral, which will affect the electoral results.
The Judge supervising the elections in Al-Saha Primary School expelled two monitors from the committees since they promoted for specific candidates during the electoral process.
ALEXANDRIA: The media center for the Muslim Brotherhood today issued a report regarding elections, claiming that voting started 20 minutes late in the Montaza region.
The report also claims that Salafi reporters held campaigns for the al-Nour Party, and the Building and Development Party distributed leaflets in the polling station.
The Brotherhood underlined the illegality of these actions.
A number of independent candidates in Fayoum criticized the Freedom and Justice Party and Al-Nour Party for resuming their electoral campaigns during the current electoral process. The candidates are submitting a complaint against the two parties to the High Electoral Committee.
Blind women at the El Noor and El Amal polling stations for the blind are being pushed to choose the al-Wafd party by some people.
Some of the judges refused to let delegates monitoring the elections to pass by the polling stations, where violations and irregularities escalated.
RED SEA: Many polling stations opened late in the Egyptian Red Sea governorate as crowds swelled while waiting to vote.
Many ballots were taken outside of the polling station, which angered the Muslim Brotherhood. They began protesting against voter manipulation.
Independent candidate Antar Ali Bakr rallied with his supporters in front of the electoral committee in Assiut. They threw stones at the committees, which raised panic among the citizens because the candidate was dismissed from the elections by court order since he did not perform in the military service.
KAFR EL-SHEIKH: Al-Wafd Party presented complaints to the Supreme Electoral Committee because some polling stations in Kafr el-Sheikh did not open until noon. Voting was scheduled to begin at 8 am.
ALEXANDRIA: Voting has not begun in the Montazah polling station in Alexandria because there are no ballots and judges' delays in receiving envelopes with the ballots, said monitoring judge and Ismailia Court of Appeal Deputy Ashraf Zahran.
He blamed the Ministry of Interior and Supreme Electoral Committee for these problems.
KAFR EL-SHEIKH: Presidential hopeful Hamdeen Sabbahi voted in Baltim City in Kafr el-Sheikf. Calmness prevails in polling stations in the governorate.
ALEXANDRIA: Egyptian naval forces in Alexandria secured 1,754 polling stations amid police absence, according to the Shehab Center for Human Rights.
19 polling stations have no voting forms while six others are still closed due to judges not arriving yet, according to the Center.
ALEXANDRIA: Rumors claimed one of the candidates in Alexandria was shot by an unknown man while some candidates' campaign banners have been torn.
In the polling stations in Mohamadia and Tahrir schools, voting was delayed as the judges and voting forms were late arriving.
KAFR EL-SHEIKH: Judges and election monitors today in coordination with some electoral committees in the Kafr el-Sheikh region controlled the voting process.
The public committees from Islamic movements helped the security forces secure the parliamentary elections in the Egyptian region.
The military police is working with the public committees to secure the electoral process, too.
ALEXANDRIA: Alexandria polling stations witnessed great turnout from voters starting 7am for voting in elections. The Armed Forces, along with the polling stations have ensured the availability of seats for people with special needs.
Alexandrian Governor Osama el-Fouli waited two hours to cast his vote at the Mohamed Abdullah el-Qersh School polling station in Alexandria.
The electoral district of Assiut witnessed a notable turnout while Armed Forces organized the electoral process. It is noted that many Egyptian women participated in the electoral process in Assiut.
The operations room at the National Council for Human Right received dozens of calls this morning complaining of delays in opening the door of polling stations until 9am. Polling stations should have opened at 8am.
NCHR Director Reda Abdul Aziz said the council received 50 complaints from various governorates, most notably from Cairo's third and ninth districts.
PORT SAID:Ashraf el-Ezabi, a candidate of the Democratic Peace Party in Port Said, sued the Supreme Electoral Committee over neglecting to put his name on the slate.
ALEXANDRIA: Alexandria's third electoral district today saw unprecedented turnout this morning as large contingents of voters arrived early to participate in voting.
The public committees of some Islamic movements came early to organize traffic flow and organize members of their respective committees. The doors were opened to voters at 8:45 a.m. because the monitoring judges were late.
The Egyptian Interior Ministry in coordination with the military police managed to control the security situation near the polling station.
Meanwhile campaigns worked intensely near the committees in the last moments before balloting began.
PORT SAID: Hundreds of people in Port Said headed to polling stations to cast their votes today. Voters expressed their content with voting, describing today's election as historical. However, some voters complained about their lack of knowledge about the electoral process.
The Muslim Brotherhood rallied their supporters during the early hours to vote for the Freedom and Justice Party. They also provided transportation to the polling stations.
Many voters were surprised to discover their electoral numbers had been changed. Many submitted appeals to the Supreme Electoral Committee.
KAFR EL-SHEIKH: Public committees from Islamic movements helped security forces secure parliamentary elections in Kafr el-Sheikh this morning..
The military police is working with the public committees to secure the electoral process as well.
RED SEA: Judges in the Red Sea governorate delayed opening the electoral committees as the voter lists were delayed. The committees otherwise witnessed notable turnout.
Women in particular are showing up in large numbers. Military, police forces and and seven human rights organizations are in attendance to monitor the elections.
ALEXANDRIA: Laila Marzouk, mother of Khaled Said, today announced that she will boycott the current parliamentary elections because it violates the will of the people who demand that the military council hand over power to a civil authority.
11:00pm, Sunday November 27
ASYUT: The Administrative Judiciary Court in Asyut ordered to postpone elections in the second individual constituency, which includes Dairout, Qusiya and Manfalot.
Candidate Hamada Korashy filed a case No. 23 after he submitted his papers for the workers' seat in the constituency, but he was surprised that his name was not listed in the proper place. This made him file a suit where the verdict came as to stop the elections.

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